Buphe is a global Integrated Insurance and Reinsurance Company.

The Company is committed to providing access to quality healthcare to individuals from all walks of life or businesses looking for primary and / or comprehensive local or international health cover for its employees.

Our cover stretches across the world regardless of where an individual may reside or work. 

Our offering is extended across various territories and regions via strategic partnerships with leading Insurers and Medical Service Providers.

Buphe offers a unique reinsurance structure to existing Insurers.

Not only does Buphe manage the risk associated with the services, but also offers a robust Management Information System and back-office administrative management.

We have multiple regional offices and partners, making in-country personal contacts easily accessible in the territory and language of your choice.

Though Buphe focuses on addressing the needs of the previously uninsured, with regards to health care delivery, financing and procurement of healthcare resources, our product structure is sufficiently robust to address the needs of the discerning executive. 

Our strength lies in our wide network of medical service providers and partners, our knowledge of the international healthcare market, our healthcare management capability and our unique Management Information System.