Buphe offers unique reinsurance structures and solutions to allow local insurers across sub-Saharan Africa to be able to introduce or reinforce innovative products in their local markets.
Our solutions provide added capacity, product development and risk management either through facultative, treaty or alternative risk financing models to meet the needs of the local insurers.
Buphe offers unparalleled expertise and experience in the world-wide health and medical environment and bolsters its product offering to be specifically designed and distributed under an Insurer’s existing brand.
Coupled with back office assistance, risk management and a unique and robust Management Information System, in the form of Bumas, the risk and burden of costly back office management and administration is significantly reduced.
Our reinsurance structure is available to any existing Insurer and as a result of product development assistance as per an Insurer’s specifications, multiple reinsurance structures can coexist within a specific region.

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